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Customer Support

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Custom-Made Furniture & Upholstery

Call us at 248-435-9705, or 248-259-1779. or visit our office at 103 N Marias Ave., Clawson, MI 48017! 

Our Services

Furniture Re-Upholstery & Design

At Creative Design Guild
we’ll upholster your
furniture for a fresh new look!

Residential Designs

We’ll design the rooms in your home to fit the style of any room, and designed to look stunning.

Dinning Chairs

We can upholster your chairs with a beautiful stain resistant fabric, smart choice for any kitchen or dinning room.

Commercial Designs

Set up your office space, retail space or restaurant to be aesthetically pleasing for you, your employees, and guest.

Our Work

Come home to beautifully laid-out rooms and furniture! 

At Creative Designs, we’re dedicated to high-quality customer service! 

We will upholster your beds, couches, and more to meet your needs! 

Over 19 Years of Excellent Service